DVLA has announced that the expiry date of photocard driving licences has been extended by seven months, following a change of EU regulations.
This applies to 10-year photocard licences expiring between 1 February and 31 August 2020, including 5-year Group 2 vocational licences of holders under 45 years old. It does not apply where entitlement to drive expires, where a renewal must be made in the usual way.

If a driver has already applied online to renew their photocard, this will be processed as normal. If they have already sent a paper application to renew their photocard there will be delays in processing, but the seven-month extension will apply in the meantime.

This extension will make it easier for drivers who need to update their photocard licence with a new photograph. As long as they have a valid licence, drivers will be able to continue to make essential journeys. The extension is automatic so drivers do not need to do anything and will be sent a reminder to renew their photocard before the extension ends.
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In Northern Ireland the Department for Infrastructure has made a similar announcement that the new EU Regulation means that all driving licences with an expiry date between 1 February and 31 August 2020 will be treated as valid for a further seven months.

Extensions will be automatically applied meaning that truckers who have been unable to get a medical report completed for their renewal application can continue to drive.

Source: RHA