Johnsons Move the Hampshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Due to our extensive experience in providing move management consultancy and strategy services; from January to April 2017, Johnsons provided the OPCC with a bespoke service by tailor making and delivering a move management and relocation plan.

Our Head of Projects allocated a dedicated Move Manager to this project, who liaised with the OPCC to draw up a timetable which suited all key stakeholders involved in the project. Our approach anticipated that our teams would be expected to complete the tasks listed below:

  • File audits with updated reports/spreadsheets for all locations
  • Confirmation of items that might not yet have been captured to be relocated
  • Review of storage and assistance with decluttering
  • Attendance at project meetings (once every two weeks, which increased nearer to the time of the moves)
  • Putting together a relocation schedule in conjunction with OPCC key stakeholder requirements
  • Relocate sensitive confidential files and items following police security guidelines

The brief was to relocate approximately 340 people to the new site from 4 locations across the north of Hampshire with minimum disruption to operational business. There were a number of moves that took place over a three week period to allow teams to settle in before the next move.


The flexibility of our move management team proved to be advantageous for the OPCC as we were able to offer a dynamic approach to their service requirements. The challenging scope meant our Move Manager worked directly with the OPCC’s Project Lead to ensure all works were carried out in accordance with the scope and any changes which needed to be made were done so with as little disruption to the overall move programme and the operational business as possible.

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