In terms of the reduction in volumes of properties coming to the market and also those being sold over recent weeks, when we look at the same period in 2019, we notice that this is just a seasonal adjustment that happened last year too. However, the good news is that volumes are still much higher than 2019 – 25% more properties coming to the market and 40% more sales being agreed.

I’ve added in the volumes through to the end of the year in the graphs below to show what we could well be looking at in the next few weeks:

You’ll see that the lines have been following very similar paths over the past couple of months, so you would expect this trend to continue through to the end of the year. The good news is though that the tighter movement restrictions across the UK haven’t had much of an impact in the housing market.

I’ll keep an eye on the numbers and keep you updated, as always.

Source: TwentyCi